Alfa Romeo Giulia QV - XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film Install with Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coating

Installing XPEL Paint Protection Film is a refined process and requires high attention to detail on any car. This video runs through a full installation of XPEL film on a stunning Alfa Romeo Giulia QV and highlights the detail and work involved to completely cover a car in protective film.

Full Video Transcript

Good afternoon everyone, big Friday. Just a quick walk around of this Alfa QV, Giulia QV that was just completely wrapped with external paint protective film, ultimate plus to be exact. Top it all off with Duraflex Extra Shine for added gloss and depth to the paint.

So they've always done a wonderful, wonderful job of installing. They took the extra time to shrink the wrap, particularly around the badges, the headlights, by the contour panel all the way through and in effect, tip it down under that corner as well. We've wrapped the wheel arch right underneath inside the top of the arch, rear of the bonnet edge, front trailing edge of the front hub up, the trailing edge of the quarter panel, the forward leading edge of the doors.

As far as the sides, front and rear, little things like your vapors are covered, all the way around the mirror as well, it's a two piece job, Alex did a great job installing that. Also taking the time, particularly on the corners of the panel, shrunk it all the way inside the door jam to make sure that the door shut. Seamless finish so there's no edge there, and it's turned and wrapped into here as well. 

Its had interior protection installed as well courtesy of Gyeon. We've had a warranty now that covers things there. Beautiful inside the car, very nice physical equipment.

Its then been dressed in Gyeon Quartz just to ensure its super, super high gloss just before the customer picks it up and we have wheel protection and caliper protection courtesy of Gyeon as well, and that includes the exhaust tips, a little bit more sort of wrapping extraordinaire, super, super tight, Jay wrapped this bit here, it's a two piece wing front and rear sides covered with a seamless joint in the middle.

It wraps up around the badge as well, again sort of convex and concave shapes that they've managed to install really well. Super tight machine cut, again, really close under the headlight, or the tail light umbrella, pushes right up in the back edge there as you can see. Wrap the bottom of the boot edge, took the plate off, we got under the plate and then put that back on, right down into the turn of that panel as well, again, super tight corners, shrunk into everywhere, where possible. So, thanks Andy for choosing ADS, we look forward to seeing your car on the road.