McLaren 720S - XPEL Paint Protection Film and Gyeon Quartz Paint Protection

McLaren 720S. The super series McLaren. Complete protection with XPEL Paint Protection film & Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Paint Protection

With 720 BHP, the 720S has been named as a handful and after being lapped around the suburb in the 720S, I’ll second that. If you invited an astronaut to open the door of a 720S, I would imagine they would tell you it looks just like the air lock on Apollo 11. Once your sitting inside, cocooned in the carbon-backed seats, you begin to feel like you’ve stepped from Apollo 11 into a video game. The dash flips out, the digital taco lights up and then you’re invited to push the start button that looks like it belongs in said space craft.  


The client takes this car on the odd occasion to the racetrack and wanted to ensure it was protected from stone chips and scratch’s. Concave curves, smooth lines and big panels makes for a fantastically finished end product and one that looks fantastic when its wrapped. Once all the panels were wrapped we covered the entire car with Gyeon Quartz multi layer paint protection. This helps to add a level of gloss and depth to the final finish and makes washing a breeze. 


Thanks to our client for trusting us with this masterpiece of machinery.