Mercedes-Benz Australia E63 Edition 1 - XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection

We recently covered every inch of this beautiful beast with XPEL Paint Protection Film to stop stone chips, car park scratches, swirl market or marring to matte paint. What a dream car!

Mercedes Paint Protection 2.jpg

The process of protecting a car like this beauty is quite detailed.  We begin by using XPEL's Computer Pattern Software which contains more than 6000 car models and allows us to computer cut the film to the exact specifications of each car we protect.  Computer cut film comes with some distinct advantages:

  1. Computer Cut patterns carry 100% less liability when it comes to Cut/Knife marks in a vehicles paintwork.
  2. If an area is ever damaged, we can reinstall/replace that area without worrying of misalignment to the pattern that is required for the repaired area.

All of our  installers are Factory Trained & Certified by the XPEL head trainer who personally comes and trains new installers all the way from San Antonio, Texas. This ensures XPEL only have the right people on board.

Using the XPEL database we have the ability to manipulate patterns to wrap any available edges without needing a knife and create patterns for custom requirements. All of this is backed up by a 10 year manufacturers warranty in Australia that protects your investment.

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