4 Reasons You Need Ceramic Paint Protection For Your Car

Subaru WRX after protection with Gyeon Quartz Duraflex

Subaru WRX after protection with Gyeon Quartz Duraflex

There is something magical about a new car.  The smell and cleanliness of the original interior, the shine and lustre of the exterior that you wish could stay that way forever.

Thankfully, it is possible to maintain that finish and protect your new car from an environment that will throw everything at it as soon as you drive out of the showroom.  Watermarks, dirt marks, brake dust, bird poop and the sun can damage your car and gradually take away the shine (and value) of your car.

Ceramic Paint Protection in the form of Gyeon Quartz protective coating provides the highest standard of protection for your car.  Backed by a five-year warranty, Gyeon Quartz ceramic coatings are based on silicon dioxide (SiO2) which is the most sophisticated ceramic paint protection technology developed to date and is widely regarded as the best ceramic paint protection available in the market.

So why should you protect your car with a ceramic coating? Well here are four reasons why our customers choose this type of protection.

1.            Help Maintain Re-Sale Value

Cars are purchased for many reasons. Some are for business, others for pleasure and maybe to satisfy the odd mid-life crisis as well.  Whatever your reason, one thing all car owners want is to try and maintain the resale or trade-in value of their car. Without paint protection, this is very difficult to do.

Ceramic coatings increase the hardness level of the car paint to protect it from the environment. Standard automotive coatings have a hardness level between 4-7h which leaves them more susceptible to small scratches and blemishes.  A ceramic layer will protect your car from slight abrasions that would have commonly affected your car.

2.            UV Protection

Ultra-Violet (UV) Rays can cause oxidisation of automotive paint causing premature fading and ultimately reducing the finish and resale value of your car.

Gyeon Quartz ceramic coatings provide a durable layer of protection against oxidisation and more permanent protection against the harmful effects of UV. If you compare Gyeon Quartz to sunscreen for your skin, it is like only having to apply sunscreen once rather than having to reapply it every day.  The protection is more permanent than just washing a car and applying car wax as protection.

3.            Maintain a consistent, glossy shine

Who doesn't love the look of a freshly washed, shiny car? We certainly do. However, it can be frustrating when your car looks dirty only a few days after it has been washed. The reason most cars attract dirt is due to imperfections in the surface that makes it easier for dirt to stick to the surface.

The ceramic coating creates a smooth finish that makes it hard for dirt to stick.  The layer also protects the surface from abrasives that cause imperfections in the first place. It has to be said that ceramic paint protection won’t stop your car from getting dirty, but it will make it easier to maintain a showroom finish with much less effort.

The glossy finish will also repel water more effectively which reduces the chance of rust and mould affecting the look of your car.

4.            Protection from chemicals including bird poop and acid rain

chemicals are the enemy of paint, as are bird droppings. Ceramic coating is resistant to chemicals including hard water (water with a high mineral content), acid rain (natural rain with elevated levels of hydrogen ions) and bird poo (high levels of Uric acid).

If left on the surface of a car without protection, the acid in all of these can eat through the cars paintwork leaving it susceptible to rust and of course damaging the paintwork.

 If you're considering protecting your car to retain its value and making it easier to maintain, Gyeon Quartz ceramic paint protection is a great option. To find out more check out our ceramic paint protection packages, contact us via Facebook messenger or call us on 0434 467 438.

ryan sharpe