Porsche GT3 991.2 - XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film

9000RPM and snap, second gear is selected by pulling on what feels like the
trigger on a rifle. The PDK gearbox has to be one of the finest fitted to a car with
paddles. Did I mention 9000rpm? The sound coming from the beautiful 4.0L flat
6, crammed into the tiny hole just behind your back, that Porsche calls an engine
bay is something that you’ll never forget once you’ve heard it.

500HP from a 4.0L naturally aspirated flat 6 is something of an engineering
marvel! If you ever get the chance to experience one of these magnificent
machines, take it up! The Porsche holds a special place in my heart for reasons I
won’t go into, but to cut a long story short, a white 911, it’s my “one” car.

Now, all this love affair stuff aside, stone chips are pricks. Track monsters are
awesome and having stone chips on track monsters isn’t a cool thing. Aside from
stones flying at your car at 150km/h, flicked up by the guy driving the Lotus in
front of you (yes we know it’s you mate), there is molten rubber, the engine remains
(from said Lotus) and low flying Minor birds to watch out for.

This customer had the foresight to bring their car to ADS HQ for some proper
protection in the form of XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film. Covering the whole front end of the
car, the customer can now track his track monster with the piece of mind that it’s
coming home with clean, fresh and factory Porsche paint.