Car paint correction

bring back the shine to your car. why have car paint correction?

Car Paint Correction removes surface imperfection to rejuvenate and restore the shine to your car.  Our process will help remove imperfections like swirls, marks and fine scratches and make the car look like new.


view our car paint correction packages below

1 Stage Paint Correction  - FROM $395

Single step paint correction to remove mild marring and scratching.  This will increase the depth and clarity of your paint and will increase the overall appearance of your car.

2 Stage Paint Correction – FROM $595

A two-stage paint correction may be undertaken if the surface of a vehicle needs more severe marks and marring removed. Using a heavier “cut” or “compound” to start the process followed by a “refining” or “polish” step afterwards will significantly increase the clarity and shine of your vehicles paintwork.

3 Stage Correction – FROM $895

Otherwise known as a “multi stage correction”, where the aim is to reduce any marks, marring or oxidation in the paints surface. This multi step process is typically undertaken when the customer is wanting to rejuvenate their paintwork back to factory condition or as similar to new condition as the above process warrants.

Correction by the hour - $88PH

In special circumstances we might suggest a complete rejuvenation of paintwork that may be beyond what’s included in the packages above. These situations will be quoted and discussed prior to any work commencing on your vehicle.