we cover packages for every customers need and want. Below are our featured packages, with plenty of information regarding what you need for your vehicle.



Ceramic paint protection

Maintain your new cars ultra-glossy appearance, reduce scratching with Gyeon Quartz ceramic paint protection.



A 5-year warranted Gyeon coating consists of at least a double layer system to achieve the hardest coating on the market. The 5 year coating is also cured or baked onto a car using an infrared lamp to speed up the chemical bonding of the coating to a cars paint.



  • GYEON durabead (Mohs base) - level 1 - 5 year warranty - $1250

  • GYEON mohs+ (Base) - level 2 - 5 year warranty - $1450

  • gyeon duraflex (base) level 3 - 5 year warranty - $1650



paint Protection film (PPF)

Protect your car from scratches, stone chips and swirls caused by road debris and other elements.



Paint protection film is clear or coloured polyurethane films that are applied to vehicles to protect them from scratches, stone chips or swirls caused by road debris, rocks, bug droppings, and other environmental elements.



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Car paint correction

Remove paint defects from your vehicle with our comprehensive paint correction service.



Paint Correction is the professional term for “buffing” and ideally removes a variety of paint defects from the surface of your vehicle, including: swirls, holograms, etching, random isolated deep scratches (RIDS), watermarks, stains, oxidiation and more. Paint correction is a multi-stage process that consists of 3 main parts: preparation, correction and protection.



  • 1 Stage Paint Correction  - FROM $395

  • 2 Stage Paint Correction – FROM $595

  • 3 Stage Correction – FROM $895

  • Correction by the hour - $100 P/H


Package four

Car Detailing

Comprehensive internal and external detailing to maintain your vehicle or get it ready for sale.



This is a thorough external clean and detail. After having a detail like this, from us, your vehicle will be easier to wash and maintain. Not to mention, it will look cleaner for months to come and be a clean, healthy and pleasant vehicle to drive in.



  • Maintenance Detail - Sedan - $325 / SUV - $350

  • Pre-Sales Detail - Sedan - $425 / SUv - $450

  • Enhancement Detail - sedan $525 / SUV - $550


Package five

Interior Detailing

Keep the interior of your car spotless and hygienic with an interior detail.



The interior of our cars is the place we spend the most time. Having the interior or your car detailed isn’t just about making it look clean and tidy, it’s also about having a sterile and healthy environment clean of germs and other nasty secrets.



  • Interior Detailing  - sedan - $250 / SUV - $275