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Why choose us?

At Australian Detailing Services (ADS), we have been providing greater Sydney and Sydney’s North with professional, prompt and friendly service since start up in 2014. When you leave your vehicles in our hands, you're bound to be impressed when you drive away. Our work guarantees care by certified and qualified professionals. Australian Detailing Services have been factory trained by Gyeon Quartz to provide market leading services for our customers.

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Paint protection

Gyeon Quartz offers a selection of products that help to protect all surfaces on your vehicle. This service is available for all vehicles of any shape and size. Contact us for more information.


Car Paint CoRrection

From single-step paint correction, to removing mild scratching, to a complete rejuvenation of paintwork. This service will increase the depth and clarity of your paint and will increase the overall appearance of your car.


Car Detailing

After having a serviced-detail like this, your vehicle will be easier to wash and maintain, look cleaner for months to come and be a clean, healthy and pleasant place to sit, while driving.  


Protect. Maintain. Drive.
— Australian Detailing Services